AWD dynos

AWD Dyno Machines For Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

These days, more and more vehicles come in four-wheel drive. Many vehicle owners prefer a car that gives them a four-wheel drive option so that no terrain is undrivable, and they can rely on their vehicle having that extra power when they need it most.

But what does that mean for investing in a dyno machine? Dyno machines, used in workshops for fine-tuning vehicles, come in two main categories: AWD dynos and 2WD dynos. 2WD dynos can only be used to tune 2WD vehicles, and while they are significantly cheaper than AWD dynos, this really limits the number of dyno tuning clients that you can take on.

AWD Dynos Explained

AWD dynos are more expensive and a little more complex, but they allow you to tune almost any vehicle, including both four-wheel and two-wheel drives. Over time, this dyno will bring you more customers and give you a better return on your investment, which is why we always strongly recommend this option over 2WD dyno machines.

Here at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment, we offer a high-performance AWD dyno machine with all the standard capabilities of a top-quality dynamometer. You can enjoy an easily adjustable roller that allows you to provide fine tuning services for your valued customers. All you need to do is rev that engine.

AWD dynos

Bonus Benefits

An AWD dyno gives you the ability to boost the engine of your client’s vehicle and provide them with an improved driving experience and better access to power, speed and performance. Not only that, the modern features allow you to access precise data and make small tweaks that can really make all the difference.

Off-road enthusiasts will be delighted by the many different types of customisations on offer, so their specific driving desires can be met and enjoyed on their next off-road adventure.

Using an AWD dyno is simple and straightforward, and you can use your personal vehicle as the guinea pig!

[CTA] Do you want to purchase an AWD dyno machine here in Australia? At MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment, we offer a high-performance dyno that can take your workshop and your service offerings to the next level! All relevant information about our top-quality dyno is available on our website, and we’re also more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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