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4 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Auto Repair Shop

Have things felt a little slow in your auto repair shop lately? Are you not carrying out repairs as efficiently as you’d like? This can have a negative effect on your profit margins and your overall business image.

As suppliers of premium workshop equipment, such as car scissor hoists and brake lane testers, MAHA AU provides 5 ways in which you can increase productivity in your repair shop— allowing you to get your clients’ cars back to them sooner and take on additional clients, ultimately resulting in higher profit.

Upgrading Your Equipment

Does your equipment look as though it comes straight out of a 1970s equipment catalogue? Are you continuously having to shut down production in order to repair your equipment? It may be time to invest in some new workshop equipment, including car scissor hoists, roller brake testers, and more. With updated equipment, your productivity is sure to increase.

Make Sure Your Employees Are Properly Hydrated

If your employees are not having a proper lunch or drinking enough water, they could very easily become dehydrated and exhausted, leading to drops in productivity. You may want to offer free refreshments and ensure that everyone takes a sufficient lunch break so that the time that they do spend working is productive.

Be Clear In Your Instructions

car scissor hoists

Miscommunications can often lead to issues that take some time to resolve, leading to a huge drop in productivity. Ensure that when you are setting out instructions that are not vague and confusing but rather extremely clear. If everyone is 100% sure of what they are doing, everything should go according to plan.

Get Organised

An auto repair shop requires various departments to work in unison in order to be productive, and it is very important that each team is highly organised. For example, ensure that admin staff are keeping track of customer details and payments while workshop staff have the right tools they need and that these tools are organised properly. Being organised really goes a long way in ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Are you looking to buy car scissor hoists, vehicle lifts, roller brake testers, dyno machines and other forms of workshop equipment in Australia? Here at MAHA AU, you’ll find all you need to easily upgrade your workshop equipment. Please feel free to take the time to browse our products on our website and get in touch with us should you have any questions.

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