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Radiator Cap – An Overview of Car Radiators in NZ

A radiator is an important component of a car. It keeps the engine cool when it comes to internal combustion. It controls the temperature of your engine and always keeps it cool. Hence, you protect your engine from overheating and that’s the concern of every driver. In fact, you can’t open a radiator cap when it is hot.

If you are looking at the major part of a vehicle, then radiators play a highly essential role. These are known as the heart of your car cooling system. Looking at its importance, radiators come in so many sizes and shapes. It all depends on the sizes of cars, whereas you can see big sizes for trucks and vans, while small sizes come in cars.

What are the types of radiators?

A radiator has two types no matter if you live in New Zealand or in any country; you only come across two types. Here we go with the types!

radiator cap

Top Flow

Top flow radiators are common in cars, especially if we talk about old vehicle models. These are available in tall sizes and hot fluid flows down from top to bottom to keep the engine cool. The tall sizes make it unique and different and it is the reason these radiators are not perfect for modern vehicles.

Cross Flow

Cross flow radiators are small in size and fit for modern cars. These are opposite to tall sizes; even you can find the best in terms of performance. The space is also not a big problem in cross-flow radiators, as these are ideal for the cars of the modern era. You can easily add coolant inside the cars to keep the engine cool and it mixes quickly.

How to clean the radiators?

If you want to clean a car radiator in NZ, you must follow these steps to clean the radiator.

  • Wait for the engine to cool down when the engine is running.
  • Open the nuts and radiator cap after the engine gets cool.
  • Open the drain hole to kick out the coolant or water to keep the radiator empty.
  • If the water or coolant is dirty or stained, then you need to clean the radiator immediately.
  • Keep impurities away by cleaning the radiator with tools to make it look fresh.

The most important thing while cleaning a car radiator is to remove the radiator cap, especially when the engine is hot.

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