What Do You Need To Know Before You Choose To Become A Panel Beater?

A panel beater is a person who has special skills to repair vehicles after a serious or minor accident. His main job is to repair the main panel and sub-panels of the vehicles. Sometimes, he has to form a new panel using machine and hand tools. He has the ability to transform the vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Many aspects are involved in a panel beater’s job.  He has to remove, restore or replace the panel of any vehicle.  He has to repair dents and fill them to make the body of the vehicle smooth. He has to re-fit body hardware like doors or door locks etc. He has to work very closely with vehicle’s panel. Proper training is required for becoming a panel beater and you have to determine what level of training you can go through. Car qualification training is a must for a panel beater Perth.

A panel beater performs many duties. A panel beater analyzes the damage and determines where and how to perform the repair work. He removes them by cutting from the vehicle and rejoins repaired parts with welding equipment and fill dents with plastic fillers. Depending on the damage, a panel beater uses mechanical, hydraulic and metalworking equipment.

In cosmetic work, he performs very hard to improve the look of the damaged vehicle. This service includes a new look of the car, repairing scuffs, polishing and waxing, and wheel finishing etc.  They convert the antique car’s engine and electrical work to get the car run again. They transform the engine to make the car faster, smooth and better pick-up.

They also work on hot-rods to enhance engine speed of large vehicles. A panel beater work on different types of vehicle like cars, buses, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and aircraft. They take training as a dent remover, sanders, and arc welders etc.  

Panel beater should keep his work up-to-date and should determine their working hours as well. They should know how much to charger from the client according to the damage. They also work with insurance companies to determine how much a client can pay.

Many panel beaters have their own shops or showrooms, so they are required to maintain their administration skills and business duties. Panel beaters who own their business must keep an eye on managing the business, financial planning, equipment costs, and other management duties as well.