Window tinting in East Auckland

What’s the Step-by-step Procedure for Window Tinting in East Auckland?

Window tinting in East Auckland involves the application of an approved laminate film on a car’s glass to make it darker for privacy. In some cases, people tint their car windows to enhance a car’s aesthetic appeal, especially when they wish to resell it.

This article will explain the bit-by-bit process of tinting any car model in 2023.

4 Steps Professionals Follow During Window Tinting in East Auckland

  • Car window preparation

The first step involves preparing soapy water in a bucket and applying it to all the car windows. Then, dip a sponge in the bucket and squeeze the water before rubbing it on the windows for cleaning.

  • Window measurement

Secondly, the installer will take down the measurement of all the windows using a tape measure. These details are crucial for the installers to cut the correct laminate films before rolling them on the car windows.

  • Film removal

The third step is to remove the old film with a razor blade or window cleaner. The professionals are keen to ensure they get rid of all the pieces of the worn-out film using soap and water.

  • Film application

The professional will then apply the new film accurately based on the measurements they took in step two. After that, they will spread the thin black paper to ensure it’s uniform on all the windows.

Fortunately, manufacturers apply a sticky adhesive on the lower section of this material to simplify window tinting.

Finally, the tint installer will check out the entire car to ensure they install all the laminate films correctly.

What Car Owners Must Do Before Hiring Window Tinting East Auckland Services?

Please consider the following factors before hiring car grooming East Auckland:

  • Warranty

Nowadays, these installers sell these materials to car owners to install the film as fast as possible. Therefore, clients should pick an installer that offers a warranty for these laminate films.

  • Cost Comparison

Generally, window tinting professionals charge differing prices for these services. Therefore, car owners should find several professionals online and compare their hourly rates.

Usually, the experts can charge roughly USD 200 to USD 250 if one prefers standard car tints. Conversely, ceramic tint installation can cost each car owner at least USD 400 in New Zealand.

Last Words

Window tinting in East Auckland is necessary for better security and to block UV rays, especially when one is driving a car. Therefore, road safety experts will never tire to encourage motorists to install good quality laminate films on their vehicle’s glasses.

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